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Black Diamond OG has a 90% indica dominance rate, making it nearly exclusively an indica strain. However, even with 10% Sativa, it is still a hybrid strain. The flavorful Blackberry and the beloved Diamond OG among stoners made it feasible for Black Diamond OG to be born. Black diamond, which has a THC content of about 26%, belongs to the group of strains with a high THC content. Its seeds won’t be that simple to locate if one wishes to cultivate it at home. Typically, Black Diamond is developed from the clippings of established plants.

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This particular strain’s aroma is described as being earthy and musky, and it is somewhat reminiscent of red wine. Closer sniffs reveal that this strain has a very strong aroma. Strong indica has a flavor that is comparable to its aroma and lingers in the user’s throat for a while.

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