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Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is descended from an Afghan Hawaiin, a Laotian sativa, and a Jamaican sativa. With high 80:20 sativa to indica ratio, this strain is excellent for daytime use and sharp thinking.
THC has a high potency, surpassing 22% in some studies, whereas CBD has a far lower potency, at little around 1%. In other words, for epilepsy and other illnesses that are treated with CBD, this isn’t a very good option. However, it’s a fantastic option for easing anxiety and despair. Amnesia Haze is also a wonderful option if you suffer from physical pain, mood swings, migraines, exhaustion, or indications of ADHD.

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A psychoactive mood boost, a case of the giggles, and a creative and euphoric high are all part of the high. Amnesia Haze has a flavour that is similar to fruity hash and a sweet, earthy aroma with notes of hot pepper. Light green nugs have deeper brown strands and a thick coating of trichomes.
Additionally, Amnesia Haze has been known to cause paranoia and disorientation, as well as cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes. In some places of Europe rather than in the United States, it is probably simpler to locate this transnational strain. Additionally, it is offered in dispensaries in Michigan, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, and California. Like Stiiizy Pods, it is also widespread in British Columbia.

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