Alien Walker



Alien Walker

The 2013 Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup’s Hybrid champion was Alien Walker, a hybrid strain created by crossing Albert Walker and Tahoe Alien. Alien Walker, developed by Alien Genetics, is a fast-growing plant with a short vegetative cycle that delivers abundant amounts of frost-covered buds that resemble fictional space bears in terms of hairiness.

Alien Walker’s powerful stench is introduced by the sharp citrus scents of tangerine and lemon. Additionally, it has brain benefits that support relaxation and stress reduction. This cannabis flower can also treat pain and insomnia because of the full-body impairment that comes next.
Compared to other cannabis strains, the Alien Walker kind flowers more quickly. Within just 6 to 8 weeks, you can anticipate it to flower.

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The flavor of the Alien Walker Strain tastes best when smoked or transformed into an edible form and is best characterized as earthy, citrusy, and pine. After consuming Alien Walker, you become active, conversational, ecstatic, joyful, concentrated, and creative. It is employed to treat conditions including depression, chronic pain, stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety. Headache, dry lips and dry eyes are other adverse effects.

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